Welcome to 3DPlastx.com!

About Us

3DPlastX.com is a family business founded in the beginning of 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania after almost 3 years of 3D printer filament extrusion machine research and development. Key facts of the machines which we use:

-          Slow extrusion speed

-          100% of raw material is dried before extrusion

-          High precision and tolerances (typically ±0.03mm in diameter tolerance and less than ±0.015mm in roundness tolerance)

-          Automatic filament surface quality control and adjustment (!) system

-          Air cooling (no filament immersion into water as others do!), what means no excessive humidity in ready-to-ship product

Our target: 

        Offer industrial grade quality for everybody's application

Where to buy?

At the moment we offer our filament and raw materials (granules and colorants) for DIY enthusiasts exclusively on this web site (please follow “SHOP” link) and Ebay. Due to low production capacity we are not ready to offer re-seller discounts. But… As long as we continuously expand our production base, please feel free to contact us in case of any questions!