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Who is manufacturer of this filament?

 * This product is made in Lithuania from high quality SAMSUNG ABS granules
 * After production filament is immediately packed to PP/PE bags to avoid excessive humidity in ABS 
 * This is not a re-sell of ABS filament with unknown quality, made "somewhere"

- What do you mean with "real diameter"?

Any filament, produced on any equipment, will have some fluctuations in its diameter. I not operate with "typically ± 0.1mm", but trying to be as much precise as it is possible. By the way ±0.1mm = 0.2mm :)

- What are reel dimensions?

Reel dimensions are 175x85mm (external dimensions, Diameter x Width), internal hole diameter 75mm. Shouldn't be any problems with "last meters" of filament. Reel is strong enough, pass UPS drop test.

- How long will take shipping to my country?

We offer 2 options for shipping:

- Economy postage. Shipment can take from 3 up to 30 days to reach your home address. Please don't claim, if delivery speed is slow with this method of shipping. I cannot control this.
- Registered Priority Mail. In 90% of cases shipment will be delivered to your home address within less than 10 working days. My strong recommendation - if delivery time is critical, please choose this delivery method.

- What are shipping charges?

Currently we ship to EU countries only
Shipping charges are 2EUR/reel for Unregistered Mail and 4EUR/reel for Registered Priority Mail
- Could you please ship to...?
Currently we ship to your PayPal address only.