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New color added to ABS filament category - Orange. I would say - more "Carrot" than "Orange" :) ...


PROMO filament category added. High capacity 1,92kg reels with standard 3/5EUR delivery price (the same as for 0,92kg reels)!


We would like to inform you that we are out on holiday until April 15th.Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you!


We added 2 new colors into Transparent/Semi-Transparent ABS filament category - ORANGE MIST and COBALT YELLOW.


We are migrating to a new platform. Technical issues with the shop area may occur the during update. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!


Transparent ABS filament is, finally, back in stock and available for orders.


New color added to HIPS filament category - Yellow.


We finalized our transition to LG Chem HIPS raw material. New material has better mechanic properties than the old one and is more flexible.


Grey color ABS filament is back in stock and available for order.


Website is now re-opened and updated.Please do not hesitate to contact us if you notice any bugs or unusual behaviour.


The website will be undergoing maintenance from 2015-10-30 until 2015-10-31*,precise times are yet to be determined.
Data of new purchases or new accounts made during maintenance may be lost.We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
*Website maintenance duration may vary,it may re-open before 2015-10-31.


We added one more color to our portfolio - Cherry Tree


We added a new color to our portfolio - Brown. We have produced a small batch to check demand from the customer's side.


Buy 2 reels in any mix of colors and get them shipped with Registered Priority Mail for Economy delivery price (Currently 3EUR/reel)!

We are glad to inform our customers that we have finalized our transition to another ABS type. Manufacturer of raw material remains the same - Starex (Samsung). Filament from the new ABS material has shown significantly better flexibility and bonding properties,when compared with the old one. In a practical sense this means - less or no "accidental" breaks in filament wire, better layer bonding together and to the printing platform.

Important news for those who wants to get their orders fast. Starting from now buy 2 reels of any filament in our Internet Shop (doesn't matter, the same or different colors) and get them shipped with Registered Priority Mail for Economy Delivery price (3EUR/reel at the moment). Please note - this is valid for purchases of 2 reels ONLY. In case, if you buy 3 reels, you'll get 2 of them shipped under this sales action conditions (Registered Priority Mail) and one with Economy Delivery.
NOTE:Shipping will be shown as Economy postage,but it will be shipped with Registered Priority Mail!