Frequently asked questions

  • - Who is manufacturer of this filament?
    * This product is made in Lithuania, by ourselves, from high quality SAMSUNG, LG and KUMHO plastic pellets
    * After production filament is immediately packed to PP/PE bags to avoid excessive humidity in the ready-to-use product
    * This is not a re-sell of filament with unknown quality, made "somewhere"

    - What do you mean with "real diameter"?
    Any filament, produced on any equipment, will have some fluctuations in its diameter. I not operate with "typically ± 0.1mm", but trying to be as much precise as it is possible. By the way ±0.1mm = 0.2mm :). We don’t provide average fluctuations, but maximum deviation within whole length on the reel!

    - What are reel dimensions?
    Reel dimensions are 175x85mm or 175x75mm for ABS filament and 175x75 for PET-G filament (external dimensions, Diameter x Width), internal hole diameter 75mm.. It shouldn't be any problems with "last meters" of filament. Reel is strong enough, pass UPS drop test. 

    - My filament is wet. What to do?
    In general ASA, ABS, PET-G and HIPS filament are quite resistant to Humidity and can stand in the Atmospheric conditions for weeks, without need to be dried. But, it hapens, that filament get wet. This is normal process, which has no relation to filament quality. As a result of high humidity level in the plastic, printed layers can have bubbles, which appear on the printed surface during prints. Solution is easy - to dry filament. Drying conditions are very simple - put your filament, together with its reel, into the oven and keep there in 65-75C temperature for approx. 3 hours. After this simple procedure, you can enjoy your prints in the same high quality as before. Remark - please don't allow temperature in the oven to be higher than 90C. This can soften your filament and make its unwinding from reel during printing complicated. Another recommendation - please don't use low temperature "dry boxes". They are useless.