HIPS 3D printer filament

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  • Primary extrusion! We don't produce filament from waste! 

    Filament parameters:

    Diameter tolerances +0,04/-0,04mm.
    Roundness +0.03/-0.03mm.

    We don't show "typical" tolerances, but maximum fluctuation on whole reel lentgth
    Material - HIPS

    Reel size - 175x85mm. (0,92kg. weight), 250x85mm. (1,92kg. ir 2,55kg. weights)
    Reel weight - 120...125g. (175mm. diameter), 200-205g. (250mm. diameter) 

    Recommended printing parameters:

    1-st layer: Nozzle - 240°C, Bed - 115°C, printing speed - 20mm/s.
    2+ layers: Nozzle - 235°C, Bed - 110°C, printing speed - 50...150mm/s.
    Printing basis - KAPTON tape (Polyimide) 

    We recommend to use printer in the box, for better ambient temperature control.


    Bi-Color notes:

    • everything,where we are unhappy with color or its shape, if going to this category
    • you can't choose color(s)
    • product quality and tolerances are at our standard high level